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Senior Health Tips - Senior Health Made Simple

Apr 15, 2018 by Comfort Keepers Denver

From our early childhood years through our adulthood, we learn more and more about our bodies and health. We also get to experience the many diet fads, health food and exercise fads, and other products that are supposedly good for us as the years come and go.

But what if the answer to our health all along was just to think about it simply?

Here are some easy tips to get you back to your healthiest self:

You are what you eat.

The saying can’t be truer in your older age. With metabolism slowing down and the digestive tract’s decreasing function, it’s very important to eat a wholesome, balanced diet as often as you can.

Fiber is especially important, as it will aid your digestive tract and leave you feeling fuller and less bloated throughout the day. Stick to foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains.

Staying hydrated also aids in all aspects of your health, from your skin to, you guessed it, digestion. Drinking lots of water also helps to naturally energize you.

Get your sweat on.

Did you know that exercise is not only good for your body, but your brain as well? It doesn’t have to be an intense, grueling workout – anything from strolling around the block a few times a week to taking an exercise class at your local gym can greatly benefit you.

Manage your meds.

Many seniors struggle with this, especially the large percentage who is on several medications. It can be difficult to manage the different pills, dosages, and times to take them.

Establishing a routine for taking your medications and making sure they are appropriate and up to date with your doctor/pharmacist can improve your physical health immensely. Try investing in some medication management tools, such as an automatic pill dispenser, to help you out.

Socialization does more good than you realize.

Spending time with loved ones, or even just being around and talking with other people, can help boost mood and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation. This is especially important for senior health, as older adults are prone to feeling abandoned and unwanted if they live alone or have health conditions that limit their capabilities.

Your mental health should be a priority.

Your cognitive health, mood and emotions are all important to keep track of as you age. These all contribute to your independence and quality of life in the years to come, so keep up with any changes or abnormalities you (or your loved ones) notice. Getting help with anything from depression to dementia sooner can help to slow their progression and get your mind right.

Catch those Z’s.

Sleep can become difficult in your older years, and this could be a sign of underlying medical issues. It’s incredibly important for seniors to get quality sleep at night, as this is the only way the human body can truly rest and recharge itself.

It’s worth noting that quality of sleep sometimes trumps quantity. If you sleep a lot but always feel fatigued, it may be because you’re not sleeping well at all. You’ll notice what a couple hours of high-quality sleep feels like.

Go to your appointments regularly.

It is very important for seniors to keep up with their changing conditions and go to their recommended appointments regularly.

Vision screenings are especially important, as debilitated vision can be dangerous for a senior and reduce their quality of life. Having a pair of glasses to correct your vision can make a world of difference.

Additionally, make it a priority to visit the dentist every 6 months. Poor dental health can greatly impact your overall health as eating can become difficult and painful. Mouth infections are also linked to chronic conditions that should try and be avoided, such as heart disease, diabetes, or even stroke.

As a bonus tip: did you know that in your first year of Medicare, seniors receive free physicals? After the 12-month mark, they’re eligible to receive annual wellness visits.

While there are other things you can do to ensure your health and well-being in your older years, these tips will put you on a great path towards a higher quality of life!

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