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Reasons Why We Love Retiring In Colorado! | Comfort Keepers of Denver

Jul 15, 2018 by Comfort Keepers Denver

Our nation’s senior population is increasing by the minute, as more and more baby boomers are hitting the age of 65 and retiring.

A common question new retirees are asking is, where is the best place to live out the rest of my life? Not just in the current city I’m in, but in the country?

It’s true that seniors will move cross-country to be in a better environment, to be near family, or just to change it up and explore during this last part of their life.

Many seniors are moving to one state in particular: Colorado. As it turns out, this state has been ranked the best for aging. Here’s why:

Colorado is a Health State, Especially for Seniors

Colorado is very aware that their population is aging, and is tackling the challenges that are popping up with it. One of the state’s top priorities is to provide quality medical and nursing home care.

This is possible by the various sectors all working together, including local governments, the private sector, and the state’s government. Grants are frequently awarded to focus on age-related concepts and efforts, and nonprofits are being created left and right to help this population as well.

Along with this comes improvements in the quality of nursing homes. Incentives are provided from the state itself to institutions that raise their ratings and improve their care, making it a win-win for everybody.

Millenials are Improving Seniors’ Quality of Life

But the senior population isn’t the only age group flourishing – so are millenials. The definitions for this generation varies, but it essentially includes anyone who was born in the late 1980’s to about 2000.

There is a large integration of seniors and millenials in Colorado, and it’s benefitting seniors more than expected. Neighborhoods are changing to include little food trucks and breweries, for example, and there’s less of a cookie-cutter feel to the homes and lifestyles of the younger folks. It’s helping to enrich the lives of seniors in surprising ways by making them feel more included and opening them up to new experiences.

Governor Hickenlooper Condones Aging in Place

When asked why the senior population in Colorado is flourishing compared to other states, he offered two reasons. First, grandparents are moving back to Colorado to be with their families, especially their grandchildren. Secondly, less seniors are leaving Colorado for retirement than in other states, as they have found communities and a lifestyle worth sticking around for.

He’s very proud of his state and everyone’s collaborative effort to make it a better place for older Americans, and says that that’s the ultimate goal: to foster such high quality of life that people won’t want to leave!

This All Comes at a Cost, However

Of course, there’s got to be a catch, right? Unfortunately, there is one: higher costs.

Both cost of living and health care costs are higher in Colorado. While the state’s healthcare for seniors is of a much higher caliber than others, it does cost more, which makes sense.

For cost of living, Colorado sits about mid-level out of all 50 states. The problem, however, is that prices are continually on the rise as the larger urban areas (like Denver) are incessantly growing. This makes housing more competitive and thus, more expensive.

An opposite problem is in the rural areas, which have different needs and issues for seniors than the urban areas. It’s confusing and difficult work for the state to appeal to everybody, so they’re trying to be creative with their efforts and outreach by getting other community members involved and offering incentives. So far it’s working well, but with the senior population steadily growing, programs will have to be adaptable.

So when you’re considering where to move when you retire or if you’re not liking your current community, think about giving Colorado a chance! You might just find your new home.

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